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Japanese Scroll Paintings

Japanese Scroll Paintings. $85.00 for the set.

Cost (US Dollars): $85.00
Format: Hardback
Publishing Details: (Volume VII Kegon Engi,Volume IX Heiji Monogatari Emaki, Moko Shurai Ekotoba, Volume XI Saigyo Monogatari Emaki, Taima Manbara Engi) Published by Kadokawa Publishing Co., in Tokyo, Japan. (Volume VII: 1959, Volume IX: 1964, Volume XI: 1958).
Condition: Used copies. The pages are in fairly good shape, apart from some discoloration and Volume IX has the former owner’s name written on the first page. The covers are damaged and marked, particularly the spines.
Summary: The text is mostly in Japanese, with some English. They contain many exquisite black-and- white and color plates, with descriptions.
Shipping: $15.00
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